Special Inspection-Inspection of Incoming Material

Do DK & Df test of raw material (use Microstrip line resonance test method)

Do peel off test of raw material to monitor the adhesion of copper foil (Before & after reflow)

5G PCB Coupled-Line Inpection

1. Inspect line width and space of the first article of each lot.
2. Use microsection to inspect line with, space and burr of the Coupled-Line.

Product Audit

The PIM lab was qulified by customer. Require <-65dB, actual can reach -85dB. 

Test Equipment:
Rosenberger PIM Tester

1. PIM test is done with assembled PCB, this is different from the traditional bare pcb or coupon test.
2. For the product which with platted via hole will do Reflow before PIM test, to simulate customer’s production condition.
3. Control the trend of PIM base on different PN, in order to detect the abnormal of PIM instantly. 

Made various finished PCB Coupon to monitor related performance.

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